Communication Systems Business

Develop/manufacture customer-centered equipment/solution by utilizing accumulated experience and unparalleled expertise in the communications area, ultimately leading to efficient system operation and superb service quality.

Compact Spectrum Analyzer

Readily portable and installable RF Spectrum Analyzer for offering 15MHz~ 3GHz measurement bandwidth, spectrum display/measurement functionalities at the caliber of instrumentation equipment and various smart applications.

Radio Frequency Source Finder (RSF)

Readily portable RF Source Finder for providing ultra wideband RF measurement (300MHz~3GHz), LNA functionality via preamplifier and geolocation display of RF sources.

RF Inspection and Supervisory Solution

Real-time RF monitoring equipment for improving mobile service quality while delivering efficient spectrum analysis tailored toward the generation-specific frequency bands and characteristics (2G, 3G, GSM, 4G).

Jamming Solution

Wired jamming repeater for creating a mute zone ( “mobile communication blackhole” ) within the targeted region by amplifying and transmitting jamming signals from built-in or external sources.


Wireless RF repeater (via wireless connection to BTS) and digital optical repeater (via optical fiber connection to BTS) for filling shadow area and extending coverage.

Remote Monitoring & Control Solution

Software solution for monitoring equipment status (e.g., RF environment or internal states of the BTS/repeater monitoring equipment) and controlling their key parameters in the mobile network, all REMOTELY.