Golf GPS Rangefinder Business

Based on Korea’s No.1 GPS technology recognized in the navigation market, leading the Golf GPS Rangefinder business.

Golf GPS Rangefinder

  • Smart 3D Range Information - The world's first 3D GPS golf range finder.
  • Amazing GPS - The most fastest GPS
  • Real time green rotation based on the golfer's location.
  • Perfect distance information including front, center and back of the green.
  • Hazard/Bunker Strategy - It's easy to strategize once you know the range and height!
  • Fast with just one touch! Continuous range-measuring with one touch and no hesitation.
  • Extremely simple pin location movement with just one button.
  • Contains over 40,000 worldwide golf courses database.
  • Convenient to wear FineCaddie on your wrist.
  • GPS-artisan FineDrive provides outdoor convenience.