Radio Frequency Source Finder (RSF)


  • Ultra-wideband RF spectrum measurement (300MHz~3GHz)
  • Intuitive and convenient interface to smart phones/laptop PC
  • Spectrum display and measurement at the instrumentation caliber
  • Versatile information access interface via USB host functionality
  • RF Spectrum storage and replay via micro-SD card
  • Localization of spurious emission in conjunction with a map (external GPS and antenna required)
  • Uplink noise analysis via band-wise scanning

Key Features

  • Wide Frequency Range: 300MHz ~ 3GHz
  • Equipment dimension & weight: 153.5 X 76 X 35.5mm, 600g
  • Communication Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless Modem, USB to UART (optional)
  • Functionalities: radio monitoring, interference analysis & alarm generation
  • Measurement options: multi-channel power, level meter, waterfall, threshold trace, ARFCN/auto leveling
  • Spectrum display options: marker display, display mode (min/max, average, accumulate)
  • GPS function: latitude/longitude display, # of detected satellites and SNR measurement
  • Noise finding: location and directional angle of spurious emission

Prima Facie Cases

Source tracking of spurious emission

  • Display the current location of spurious emission on the map with GPS module optional attached
  • Track the location of spurious emission with a source finding directional antenna (optional) attached to the portable cradle (also optional)
  • On-site source finding with more carry-friendly smart devices instead of bulky notebook PC
  • Alarm notification of spurious emission based on the preset threshold

Uplink noise monitoring

  • Rapid scanning of RF spectrum per band and their storage as a log file in SD-card
  • Display band-wise noise distribution on the map via a separate analysis program
  • BTS noise minimization by providing the information on gain adjustment in RF repeaters

Major Accomplishments

  • 2014 ~ : RSF development/delivery to Network O & S