Jamming Solution


  • Create a mute zone ( “mobile comm. blackhole” ) within the targeted region by amplifying and transmitting jamming signals from external sources
  • Provide seamless jamming signals in case of the disruption in external jamming source by utilizing built-in internal noise source
  • Expand the coverage by simply connecting another jammer in cascade

Key Features

  • Wide jamming coverage per repeater, up to 500 meters from the repeater (the figure given when the field signal strength is under -90dBm)
  • Able to cover four frequency bands : CDMA (850 MHz), GSM (900 MHz),PCS (1.8 GHz), WCDMA (2.1 GHz)
  • Support both internal and external jamming sources, allowing bump-less switching in case of disruption in external jamming source
  • Readily configurable to single source, multi-repeater setup by connecting multiple jammers in cascade to a single external source, allowing even wider coverage
  • Alarm setting for input source levels, VSWR, excessive output power (auto shutdown)
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery, ensuring min. 1 hour operation without AC power
  • Repeater status monitoring/control, firmware download

Representative Business Cases

  • 2012 ~ : 1st~7th Jammer Repeater and Noise Source development/delivery to East-south Asia
  • 2013 ~ : 6 Band Jammer development/delivery to West-south Asia