Compact Spectrum Analyzer


  • Amazingly portable, small and light (internal battery)
  • Ultra-wideband coverage of RF spectrum (15MHz~3GHz)
  • Intuitive and convenient interface to smart phones/laptop PC
  • Spectrum display and measurement at the instrumentation caliber
  • Versatile information access interface via USB host functionality
  • RF spectrum storage and replay via micro-SD card
  • Scalability to build a large-scale RF performance management system via API

Key Features

  • Wide Frequency Range: 15MHz ~ 3GHz
  • Equipment dimension & weight: 153.5 X 76 X 35.5mm, 600g
  • Communication Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless Modem, USB to UART (selectional)
  • Operation Functions: Radio monitoring, Interference analysis & alarm
  • Measurements: Multi-channel power, Level meter, Waterfall, Threshold trace, ARFCN/Auto leveling
  • Spectrum Display: Marker Display, Display mode (Min / Max, Average, Accumulate)
  • Storage: Micro-SD Card

Prima Facie Cases

Portable RF spectrum analyzer

  • Information access via antenna (wireless) or cable (wired) at the site
    by virtue of portable design
  • Versatile information access interface (Wi-Fi, bluetooth, USB) to meet user needs
  • RF spectrum monitoring via smart phone or notebook PC GUI
  • RF spectrum storage functionality

RF monitoring for broadcasting/mobile communication systems

  • Potential to be embedded in other communication equipment
  • Low-cost measurement of Tx/Rx RF spectrum
  • Capability to provide standard-specific measurements
    (2G, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring