Remote Monitoring & Control Solution


  • Remote monitoring and control system for mobile telephone infrastructure including repeaters, BTS management equipment (RF, network environment)
  • A solution to manage complex and various network effectively
  • Consulting-based customizing system development upon customer's needs
  • Control and management of various legacy products
  • Leverage of current service quality thanks to effective network operation delivers more values to end-customers

Major Functionality

Representative Business Cases

RCS: Repeater Control System

  • Unified (remote) control/monitoring system for optical and RF repeaters in SK Telecom
  • No. managed repeaters: 500k+
  • Starting from analog optical repeaters in 1998, current deployment extending to LTE system
  • RCS (2G, 1x) ⇒ WRCS (WCDMA) ⇒ IRCS
  • RFRCS (dedicated to RF repeaters) ⇒ IRCS

RFMS: Radio Frequency Monitoring System

  • Unified (remote) monitoring/managing system for BTS RF environment in SK Telecom
  • No. managed BTS: 50k+
  • 1998 ~ : 2G(95AB) RF monitoring system
  • 2000 ~ : cdma2000 1x RF monitoring system
  • 2003 ~ : WCDMA RF monitoring system
  • 2013 ~ : LTE RF monitoring system

TBMS: TRS Base Station Monitoring System

  • Remote monitoring/control/managing system for TRS BTS internal environment/TRS RS
  • 2012 ~ : 1st round TRS BTS environment monitoring system
  • 2013 ~ : 2nd round TRS BTS environment monitoring system